1 Data for Operations

Let Asurtec help you simplify and accelerate your quarterly and annual reporting to funders, board of directors, donors or simply improve your access to data for day-to-day management. We can streamline your input processes and integrate your data into a single data warehouse to enable interactive reporting. We offer services to help you select, configure, and implement a new database, as well as improve your data and file management practices.

2 Data for Improvement

The data collected to operate your organization is also data that can be used to understand where improvement is needed and to make essential decisions. Let us help you interpret your data, and create dashboards to guide oversight and improvements.

3 Data for Impact

Let Asurtec partner with you to identify the data, assessment tools, feedback loops, and observations that will allow your non-profit to understand the difference it is making in the community. Asurtec services include outcome mapping, performance measurement, data analysis, and impact analysis.


  • $150 / hour

Discounted rates are available for blocks of hours or multi-month projects.

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