We create solutions to the problems that stand between you and your mission.

Technology Specialists with a Mission

At Asurtec we are proud of two things – the diversity of our team and the depth and variety of our technical skills. This breadth of expertise is rare among IT companies and is usually only found in large and costly firms. Our broad expertise means that Asurtec is positioned to resolve problems and achieve success in a wholistic and effective way, all the while remaining affordable.

Let Us Show You

What we do for you

Asurtec provides a suite of IT, strategic and management consulting and reporting services that help NPOs achieve digital transformation. We work in collaboration with you, establishing long-term relationships and deep understanding of your realities and needs. This deep understanding allows us to design the most cost-effective and powerful technological, operational, and data-driven solutions to the problems that stand between you and achievement of your mission.

Meet our team

Our diversity is our strength. It allows us to see issues from many perspectives. Our passionate commitment to client success provides us with a singular purpose.

Bill LeBlanc
Chief Operating Officer

Scott Trevithick
Chief Executive Officer

Mo Uddin
Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Alphonso

Radoslav Arnautov
System Administrator

Arsen Dafku

Dina Franchi
Director, Data Strategy

Nisha Gohil

Robbie Gordon

Melanie Guillaume
Web & Design

Ruslana Holovina
IT Project Specialist

Namgyal Lhekshey
System Administrator

Franz Nangle
Network Technician

Dita Osmani

Jay Patel

Cathy Timlin
Director, Quality Assurance

Karan Tiwari
Account Manager

Dianne Trevithick

Pema Zomkyi
Security Specialist